Wal-Mart Tales Part 3.5 (The Last Store South Georgia) 🍑 🙃

Wal-Mart had taken it’s toll on me by the end of the first inventory but the truth of the matter was, I needed the distraction now! It seemed with everything else going on in my life aka: unstable marriage, dad being diagnosed with leukemia and moving three times in two years, the only thing IContinue reading “Wal-Mart Tales Part 3.5 (The Last Store South Georgia) 🍑 🙃”

Wal-Mart Tales Part 3 🍑🙃

*Sings* Georgia!…….GEORGIAAAAA!! Never knew I could be blessed and cussed out at the same time, until I moved to Georgia. I had only visited the state once in my life at 14 years old before moving there in 2016. The trip was to Atlanta and based off the short three night stay, I had assumedContinue reading “Wal-Mart Tales Part 3 🍑🙃”

Wal-Mart Tales Part 2.5 🙃

By audience DEMAND I could not leave Greensboro without adding a bit of finality to my last blog. I received several phone calls and inbox messages asking who certain individuals were and if it was THEM! Each time I responded often smirking at their stabs at names and positions with “I don’t know what youContinue reading “Wal-Mart Tales Part 2.5 🙃”

Lady Luck 📸 (Galleria)

Wal-Mart Tales Part 2 👩🏾‍🎓

I worked at my first Wal-Mart for nearly a year before my spouse and I were relocated due to the military to south Georgia. I worked for a Walmart store there before my partner and I decided to get a separation. For the sake of not going back and forth I will speak about GreensboroContinue reading “Wal-Mart Tales Part 2 👩🏾‍🎓”

Wal-Mart Tales Part 1 ⛄️

I remember my days working at Wally World. I look back fondly and with a sense of humor at some of the circumstances and learnings I discovered within my two years employed as a salaried member of management! I had the pleasure of working at four different locations. One in North Dakota upon exiting theContinue reading “Wal-Mart Tales Part 1 ⛄️”

I’d gladly Drink Your Poison ☠️

Recently I wrote a blog entitled “Judgey Judy” and it explained how imperative it is to be careful the energy, vibes and overall aura’s you keep around you. How toxic environments and people can change you for the worst and continue to drain you of positive energy which is needed to live your own bestContinue reading “I’d gladly Drink Your Poison ☠️”

Where “FOREVER” Ends. 🪡

When someone says “I will love you forever”, “I will want you forever” or “we will forever be” what generally comes to mind is an extensive amount of time. Forever has been synonymous and interchangeably utilized to signify a permanence that only exist for the person making the statement. My forever and your forever mayContinue reading “Where “FOREVER” Ends. 🪡”

Adult Musical Chairs… 🪑

“The twist on this game for adults is whoever is so lucky to be the FIRST to state the FACTS is an ASSHOLE.

Judgey Judy… 👃🏾

My sister and I had an interesting conversation at the brim of the new year, right before passing into 2021 and seemingly only pushing the door too with our foot. Not slamming it closed as we usually would with full force and permanence. But instead leaving just a small gap right where the door andContinue reading “Judgey Judy… 👃🏾”