✨Some Dope Black Girl Creates..✨

Junk Approved, JunkDreds LLC, Copyright 2021


Junk Approved Clothing was created and founded by the fashion icon “JunkDreds” also the owner of JunkDreds LLC located in El Paso, Texas

During the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Nationwide quarantine, individuals were instructed by the government not to travel, go outdoors or be in close proximity of others for any reason, other than to obtain essential products for life ie: Food, Water, Household needs etc.

During this trying and uncertain time a NEW “Normal” was born, citizens realized that at the end of the day if it does not extend or assure life and survival, IT’S ALL JUNK!!!! It is safe to say that during this time of dreadful uncertainty, NOBODY was worried about WHAT BRAND THEY WERE WEARING or WHO IT WAS MADE BY! All of a sudden the ONLY thing that mattered was LIFE ITSELF! Not what celebrities had on or the next person for that matter! The important part was that you had CLOTHES ON YOUR BACK!

With this being said JUNK APPROVED aims to provide FASHIONABLE, DURABLE and QUALITY, one of a kind gear for ALL the FASHION JUNKIES that have learned to SURVIVE in more ways than ONE!

✨“Eye of Krakken” ✨🦑 Evil Eye Spring 2022 Collection
✨Crystal Cave✨ Rock Candy Set Summer 2022 Collection
✨If You Can Read This You Are An Artist” 🎨 ✨Summer 2022 Collection
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